Unity At War

What often is a politically divided and even contentious nation, Jews will display a unity, a oneness of soul when confronted by an enemy bent on their destruction.

Ms. Jessica Steinberg is the editor of the Culture and Lifestyle section of of the Times of Israel. She covers the social scene across the nation. She spoke with Shleimas Ha’aretz about the feelings of Unity at War from her home in Jerusalem.

Rabbi Baruch Kaplan is a well known educator and friend to hundreds of men and women who have passed through the seminaries and yeshivas of Jerusalem. He currently teaches in Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies. He spoke to Shleimas Ha-aretz from Har Nof.

Abraham’s Tent in the Old City of Jerusalem is a hostel for travelers to stop and live in the Old City and provides guests with a spiritually uplifting Shabbat experience , Only a one minute walk from the Western Wall, its homey location boasts an amazing roof top terrace with panoramic views of Jerusalem. Its founder Yosef Eichenblatt spoke to us from his home in the Old city.


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