Pragmatism, Politics, and Protest

Pragmatism, Politics, and Protest – Spiritual Activisim Post Gimmel Tammuz


The Rebbe  inspires  every Chassid, man, woman and even child to ask ourselves one  simple question:

“Will I make peace with the darkness,  the negative that exists, or will I  rise up against them in a manner

befitting a generation given the task to live with Moshiach?

Interview with Rabbi Tzvi Freeman, author of Bringing Heaven Down to Earth

tzvi book

In this highly successful book Rabbi Freeman gives the Rebbe an unusual title:

” The ultimate rebel” .

Freeman (2)

“I could even say” , writes Rabbi Freeman, ” you don’t submit to the Rebbe — you rebel with him.”

But how do we explain the call for a radical change when so much of Torah living is based on the firm

commitment to tradition and remaining the same. How do you insure that what has come before remains while change occurs? 


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