Death, To Be Avoided, not Remembered!

Tamar Adelstein host of Shleimas Haaertz  speaks with Yehudit Tayar about the recent Yom Hazikaron

Remembrance Day in Israel and the recent trial of the murderers of  Asher and his son Yonatan.

“Since the attack I have not returned home [to Kiryat Arba]. I’m recovering. But I lost my love. I lost all my life. I spent the last few months with difficult feelings.”

“It was like the ground fell out from underneath me. The whole world has been erased,” she explained.  “This is a joy with a lot of mixed feelings. I now have something alive and breathing in my arms. But I acknowledge Jonathan. I would not call this consolation – there is no comfort in this case – but there is a special light. A new beginning.”

“I do not know where the pain is supposed to go, but as they say despite life being hard it can bring good surprises”


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