About Us


ChabadLife.tv is a collaborative effort of about a dozen Chabad Chassidim and we’re growing. We are a work in progress and always will be.

We think that Chabad living is inspiring and it gets better as more  sign up !

We believe that the “call of the hour,” the avodah handed over to each of us and all of us by the Rebbe, is to integrate a Moshiach-d’ke lifestyle into every  part of our  everyday experience. So one of our favorite mottos is “Power Yourself by Moshiach.”

We hope you will join us and make it really happen for you and everyone else! But we don’t mean simply sending in a comment or even sending in a few dollars. We mean enhancing your own lifestyle and sharing it with us! Collaborate!

We are not owned, affiliated or created by any specific corner or faction of Chabad or its institutions.  Rather we are an organic  “grassroots” growing assemblage of Chassidim from around the globe.

Another ChabadLife.tv motto: ChabadLife: Not owned. Lived!